NOTHING NEW and Who Are You?

Most everyone knows of the verse in Ecclesiastes which tells us, “….there is no new thing under the sun.” (Ecc. 1:9)  While I’m sure this verse is speaking of more important things than blogging, it still holds true.  There are bazillions of blogs out there, and a wealth of nutritional information as well.  Everything that I say in this blog has been said before, and probably more eloquently (and grammatically correct!).  My purpose here is not to reinvent the wheel. Rather my purpose for this blog is to serve as a single place where I can refer friends and friends of friends who are curious about what I am doing when it comes to feeding my family.  I love telling people about what we do but it can be very time consuming.  My hope here is to eventually cover all the most asked questions and most requested topics.  By saying it once, hopefully I can continue helping and encouraging others without neglecting my other responsibilities.


If I have referred you to this blog, you already have a good idea of who I am.  But if you happen to wander by and get to reading you may wonder who in the world is “The Grain Girl” and why does she think she has something worthwhile to say?  At least, that is what I would think if I just happened by!  So let me get the introductions out of the way …


I am married to a wonderful husband and father who is also a wonderful physician.  We have three children who are 11, 8 and nearly 3.  I have been homeschooling them from the beginning.  And, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, the only son of God.  This belief and commitment affects everything, including how I view my role as a wife, mother, and homemaker, and also how I view my food.


My journey toward better eating began in earnest about 6 years ago.   The first thing I did was rid our home of all things “partially hydrogenated.”  From there it was a series of baby steps over several years, changing one thing at a time in our diet.  The book What The Bible Says About Healthy Living was a great motivator and opened our eyes to the philosophy of not eating anything except what God created to be eaten.  Since then we have made huge changes to our diets which have affected our entire lives.  Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon has become my “nutrition Bible” and is my most referred-to book. I have developed my own network of farms and resources for acquiring healthy food for my family, and I have spent countless hours reading, researching, seeking out, and baking nutritious foods for my family.  It has been time well-spent with no regrets. 


In the summer of 2007 I made an open invitation in my Sunday school class – anyone who wants to can come over and watch me bake bread, learn about how to do it, and especially why.  More than 10 people wanted to come!  I had two classes in my home that were a huge success!  Not long after that, my sister and I were invited to teach a bread class to the ladies group at the church where we grew up.  It too was a huge success.  A year later I am seeing fruit from those seeds that were planted.  Not only did several people immediately begin making changes, but their lives are affecting others, and others … and it is going from there.  Relationships were formed that probably would never have happened otherwise. Opportunities to minister! I am frequently on the phone or email answering questions and talking to people about diet.  Which brings me to the purpose of this blog … it is hopefully going to be a way to keep on with helping/encouraging others while not neglecting my other extremely important responsibilities.  I am excited and I hope this blog becomes a great resource for many!


Welcome To My New Blog!

My very first blog …. This is something I never thought I would do but lately it has become apparent that this might be the perfect way to help people who are searching for a new way to better health.  And it seems that I am constantly coming in contact with people who want to make changes but have no idea where to start.  Just yesterday while having my car serviced I met a lady with tons of questions.  Who would have expected that?  I am meeting people everywhere, and everyone knows they need to make changes but they are just too overwhelmed to know where to start.  It helps them so much to actually meet someone who has the information.  Somehow that makes change less of an obstacle.  The problem for me is time.  It takes a long time to have one of these phone calls, or to type in an email answering questions.  I love to do it, but do not have the time to say and type the same thing over and over.  It seems that a blog is the answer.  Type it in once, and refer people to it.  They can post their questions and I can answer as time allows.   A dear friend keeps telling me, "Amy, this is your calling."  So.  Here we are!

This post is just a test to see how this whole thing works.  Hopefully I can carve out the time to type a little here and there.  I am eager to get this up and running.  It has been on my mind for a long time.  But right now we are headed off to the farm to pick up fresh chickens for the freezer!