MORE Nutrient Dense

Do you like sausage? Have you read the label on a package of sausage from the store? I don’t know what most of those ingredients are but I do know that most of them come from a lab. That’s why I didn’t eat sausage for a long time. Store-bought sausage is another processed food that we would all do well to eliminate from our diets.

But eating a nutrient dense diet is not necessarily about eliminating our favorite foods. It is more about re-thinking what you’re eating and changing it to make it as nourishing as possible. Make your old foods better. And making your own sausage is just one way to do this. I have never been a huge fan of sausage, but that was before I discovered sausage made with farm fresh meat and homemade seasonings. Isn’t it interesting how food made with fresh, real ingredients always tastes better?

One of our favorite recipes is turkey sausage from Marilyn Moll, the Urban Homemaker. The recipe is on her website. I made some recently and photographed each step so you could see just how easy it really is.

Start with the freshest meat you can find. Preferably this is meat from a local farm where the animals are raised on pasture in the sunshine, and are never given hormones or antibiotics. This meat will be full of important nutrients that will do your body good, including cancer-fighting CLA’s. Ground pork, turkey, beef, even lamb can be made into sausage. Since this is a recipe for turkey sausage, I used turkey.

First, mix the seasonings together into a small bowl. Notice that these are all seasonings you would typically have in your pantry as opposed to chemicals from a lab. God gave herbs and spices nutritional benefit as well as great taste. If you happen to have fresh thyme and sage, by all means use it! I doubled this recipe because I had extra turkey.

Second, pour the seasonings onto the turkey.

Third, mix well with your hands.

 Don’t be disgusted or leery of this. Because this meat started out as a healthy animal, and was processed at a clean local facility, by people who actually want to be there, then it is not going to be contaminated like conventional meat from the store. Wash your hands and utensils and countertop thoroughly of course, but there is no need to be disgusted.

Now, shape into patties.

 How easy was that?

Now you can choose what to do next: brown the patties in an iron skillet on the stove, bake them in the oven, OR, freeze them for a quick meal later. Usually I brown the patties on the stove but this time I froze them. I laid the patties onto parchment paper on a cookie sheet and set the entire thing in the freezer until the patties were frozen. Because I doubled the recipe, I made a double layer of patties by laying a piece of parchment on top of the first layer.

 As soon as they were frozen I put them into freezer bags. This way they do not stick to each other in the bag.

Now I have delicious and nutritious turkey sausage ready to go at a moment’s notice.

When you’re ready to have some, just take them out of the bag directly to a hot iron skillet. It will take 5 – 8 minutes to cook, depending on how thick you’ve made them.

We especially love these with a squeeze of yellow mustard on a fresh, hot buttermilk biscuit made with an overnight soak for even more nutrition. If you want to know more about that, stay tuned for my upcoming dvd.

Meanwhile, be thinking of more ways you can fill your diet with more nutrient dense foods, and be sure to give this recipe a try.



3 thoughts on “MORE Nutrient Dense

  1. Wow. You make me think I could actually do this! Thanks for the encouragement. Your step-by-step pics kept me interested.

  2. Hey — I can't wait for the DVD. My biscuits are sadly lacking the flavor and texture I really want in a biscuit even though I have been making them my whole life. So get that DVD done soon!!! Sausage looks great — yum-yum!

    Allison from Huntsville 🙂

  3. Looks Yummy! Thanks for the recipe. I have been altering my recipes to be healthier for quite some time. I love hearing what you have done.

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