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this post is part one of a series about staying well using whole foods and home remedies



If eating the way I do did not produce results, then I would have abandoned it years ago.   But it does produce results:  it keeps me –and my family — well.  My pantry has become our pharmacy, and we partake of it every day in the form of solid, nutritious meals made from the healthiest whole food ingredients I can find.


Recently we were cleaning out old papers and documents.  I found all of our old canceled checks from the past 12 years and was immediately intrigued when I saw that the vast majority of our checks were for fast food; we were eating some type of fast food, usually pizza, for dinner at least once a week.  And that doesn’t count the number of times we paid with cash.  Or the number of times I took the kids for a fast food lunch.  Then I found a file full of old medical information containing receipt after receipt for antibiotics and cold medicines for my two older children.  Basically, they would get sick during cold and flu season.  I would treat them as best I could with basic over-the-counter cold meds.  But after two weeks of a worsening condition I would take them to the doctor and they would get an antibiotic.  They would get well, then a couple of weeks later they would get sick again and the process would repeat itself all winter.  I was going through the same thing myself.  And my husband too.  Initially, this find was something funny.  Wow, look at all that fast food we used to eat.  Quickly, it turned sobering.  Look what I was doing to my family with my careless choices.  And look how much money I wasted – on terrible food, and unnecessary medications.  Ironically, those were some of our “poorest” times when we lived paycheck to paycheck – yet we found the money for plenty of fast food and medicines.




Today, I can’t remember the last time my older kids went to the doctor due to sickness.  In fact they don’t even remember what antibiotics taste like!  It has been more than 5 years since either of them took medicine.  Yes, there have been colds.  There was even fever once.  And there was throw-up, too – more about that later.  But any sickness that finds it way to our house is mild and very short-lived.  We don’t even have cold medicines in our house – and my husband is a doctor!


I know without a doubt that we stay well because of the way we eat.  It is this knowledge that gives me the conviction to keep on keepin’ on, and to be so nazi-esque about keeping the junk out of my kid’s mouths and out of my house.   Lest you think I’m bragging about how healthy my family is, let me quickly point out that it isn’t just us.  You will hear these same claims among people who are truly eating nutrient dense foods (foods that God created):  children who haven’t missed a day of school since changing their diet 2 years ago; prescription meds no longer needed; long term psychological issues disappearing … and more.


Food must provide real nutrition to your body; if it doesn’t, then it actually robs you of your ability to stay well.  A business can’t survive for long if expenses exceed income.  It is the same way with our bodies and food.  We won’t hold up too well over the long haul if we constantly feed our bodies nutrient-less food.


So about that time we had throw-up at our house.  It was Christmas, and we had loosened up our rigid food rules a bit and indulged in sweets all month.  Just a couple of days before Christmas, the virus hit; one by one, each person went down.  On Christmas day there were only two of us left standing – myself, and my mom.  A couple of days later I got woozy but that was the extent of it.  Mom was never sick.  It was definitely a Christmas to remember.


You see sugar actually lowers your immunities for a full 24 hours or more.  And some sugars, such as white/brown sugar and corn syrup, are much worse than others for really giving your immunities a blow.   And this is what I suspect happened to our family that fateful year.  Interestingly, the only time there has been throw-up in our house since we changed our diets has been in December – after a month of allowing white sugar into our diets.


Fast forward to the present.  This year I have been more rigid than ever in trying to maintain vigilance with the kids’ diets.   In addition to being very strict about the sugar, I have made sure that there is a good supply of homemade chicken and beef stock in the freezer, and lots of fresh kefir in the fridge.   We eat these foods several times each week, in addition to immune-building healthy fats and colon-scrubbing whole grains.   And don’t forget the fresh garlic – I get that in wherever I can!


Don’t feel sorry for my kids not getting to eat “treats” like the rest of the world.  I make treats all the time – treats with healthful, whole foods.  The kids have made the connection between their diet and staying well.  They prefer staying well.



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Yes it takes a lot of work to make this happen.  Sometimes it wears me out.  But just this morning I learned that yesterday our entire family was exposed to two different nasty bugs.  I’m not that worried about it; we’d all had kefir smoothies for breakfast, and nourishing soups for dinner. Well, we’ll see how it turns out.  But if given a choice, I would choose time in the kitchen over time in the bathroom.  How about you?




5 thoughts on “STAYING WELL

  1. Nice closing pic! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anything that lessens family vomiting is good in my book! Why not change your name from graingirl to grainnazi? That might REALLY get people's attention! Just kidding, you're doing great work!!!

  2. Teaching my kids to read labels and identify potential health hazards is starting to pay off! This month when well-meaning adults offer candy and treats to them they have actually been reading the labels and then saying "no thanks!" M. actually had m&ms in her mouth but when she read the label she spit them out!! I was so proud of her I gave her a handful of organic chocolate chips ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I so agree with you about the food & the link with health. We have been incorporating more healthy ways into our lives also & I've also noticed that we rarely get sick & when we do it's just like a day where we just don't feel too good. I give them some chicken soup with my homemade stock & get some rest & we're usually ok by the morning.
    I have a question about what you use for sweetener though. We love our ice tea & honey in ice tea is just not good. Also for baked goods. What works well but doesn't cost a fortune?
    Thanks & have a great day!

  4. I need a Kefir smoothie recipe! I tried drinking it straight and just couldn't. Ugh. But I want to – I know it's so good for you! If your kids like it the way you do it, I know i would like it, too!

  5. I totally agree with all of this eating healthy whole foods. My question is, can it be done on an EXTREMELY tight budget? Could you write something about what are the most important changes to make in your diet / lifestyle if you simply cannot afford to "do it all"?

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