Loving Laundry

The day we first looked at this house and land, I saw this and knew I had found our homestead:

At our former city house, clotheslines were against HOA regulations.  What – city people don’t do laundry?

We had some gorgeous weather this week, and my sweet baby has clean clothes – scented with the all natural “fresh air” scent.  No dryer sheets needed!

There is something very satisfying about standing in the sunshine, feeling the breeze, and carefully pinning up my baby’s clothes to dry.  It wasn’t a chore, but a pleasure.  No cramped, dirty laundry room.  No lint to clean.  Just a lot of fresh air.  And birds chirping, cows mooing, and even a donkey braying off in the distance.

Loving laundry.  Who would’ve thought?

Curious Cows

Call me crazy, but I like the cows.  The “natives” (my word for folks born and raised here) are not impressed with the cows or the cow pastures.  I am.  I have one on every side of my house.

Don’t try to tell me this isn’t scenic.  Instead of someone else’s back deck, I see rolling hills, old barns, and cows out my kitchen window.

I like how whenever I take a walk around the “back 40” the cows have to stare.

Maybe I don’t like it so much when the bull stares at me. I am still a city girl, you know.

Why Aren’t Chimneys Illegal?

Our local paper had a gripping headline today that left me feeling betrayed and unprotected by our government.  The headline read, “Residents are warned to avoid possible tragedy.”  Quickly, I read the article.  My mouth went dry.  Fear grabbed me as my knees began to shake.  Every year, there are chimney fires.  Not just a few, but nearly 4 million chimney fires every year.  Did you read that?  Nearly 4 million chimney fires every year.  Right here in America!  And every year it is estimated that more than two thousand people die from these fires.

Where is our government?  Why aren’t our lawmakers forming a special committee to investigate these fires and the chimneys that cause them?  Where is the ATF?  People just are not capable of handling fires at home on their own.  We need guidelines and restrictions.  We need laws.  We need special permits and licenses to be able to have fires in our own fireplaces because every year there are nearly 4 million fires and many of those fires cause deaths.  Isn’t it the government’s responsibility to protect me from myself and my own decisions?

Oh – wait a minute – people have been having fires in their own fireplaces, safely, since the beginning of time.  Silly me.  I guess I was thinking about raw milk.

The Grain Girl Is Here!

Hello!  This is Amy, and I am The Grain Girl.  This is my blog, which I have had for several years at HomesteadBlogger, but that site just shut down so I have moved things here to Word Press.  I am passionate about healthy living and began this blog as an outreach tool as I encourage and help others change the way they eat.  Since then, it has morphed into an actual business with my sister.  You can find us at www dot wellfedfamily dot net. You can also find Well Fed Family on Facebook.  I would have moved my blog to the Well Fed Family website, but I am not very computer literate and it’s late and it was just easier to move to Word Press for now. 🙂

My family has recently moved to a rural Tennessee town where we finally have some acreage.  We had our fourth baby and also added 12 hens to our family.  Things are pretty busy around here as I care for my baby, manage our little homestead, and homeschool my other 3 children (which involves teaching my 5 year old to read and making sure my high schooler gets it all done) in addition to  being a helpmeet to my wonderful husband of nearly 21 years.  And don’t forget locating, obtaining, and preparing healthy foods for my family!  So I’m not blogging that much any more.  I hope to blog when I can, but in the meantime, there is plenty here to read and learn.  Happy, Healthy Eating!