The Grain Girl Is Here!

Hello!  This is Amy, and I am The Grain Girl.  This is my blog, which I have had for several years at HomesteadBlogger, but that site just shut down so I have moved things here to Word Press.  I am passionate about healthy living and began this blog as an outreach tool as I encourage and help others change the way they eat.  Since then, it has morphed into an actual business with my sister.  You can find us at www dot wellfedfamily dot net. You can also find Well Fed Family on Facebook.  I would have moved my blog to the Well Fed Family website, but I am not very computer literate and it’s late and it was just easier to move to Word Press for now. 🙂

My family has recently moved to a rural Tennessee town where we finally have some acreage.  We had our fourth baby and also added 12 hens to our family.  Things are pretty busy around here as I care for my baby, manage our little homestead, and homeschool my other 3 children (which involves teaching my 5 year old to read and making sure my high schooler gets it all done) in addition to  being a helpmeet to my wonderful husband of nearly 21 years.  And don’t forget locating, obtaining, and preparing healthy foods for my family!  So I’m not blogging that much any more.  I hope to blog when I can, but in the meantime, there is plenty here to read and learn.  Happy, Healthy Eating!


2 thoughts on “The Grain Girl Is Here!

  1. I’ve missed you, Grain Girl! A big, hearty welcome back! Can’t wait to use all my spare time to read all the stuff you write in your spare time!!! ;-D

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