Why Aren’t Chimneys Illegal?

Our local paper had a gripping headline today that left me feeling betrayed and unprotected by our government.  The headline read, “Residents are warned to avoid possible tragedy.”  Quickly, I read the article.  My mouth went dry.  Fear grabbed me as my knees began to shake.  Every year, there are chimney fires.  Not just a few, but nearly 4 million chimney fires every year.  Did you read that?  Nearly 4 million chimney fires every year.  Right here in America!  And every year it is estimated that more than two thousand people die from these fires.

Where is our government?  Why aren’t our lawmakers forming a special committee to investigate these fires and the chimneys that cause them?  Where is the ATF?  People just are not capable of handling fires at home on their own.  We need guidelines and restrictions.  We need laws.  We need special permits and licenses to be able to have fires in our own fireplaces because every year there are nearly 4 million fires and many of those fires cause deaths.  Isn’t it the government’s responsibility to protect me from myself and my own decisions?

Oh – wait a minute – people have been having fires in their own fireplaces, safely, since the beginning of time.  Silly me.  I guess I was thinking about raw milk.


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