Loving Laundry

The day we first looked at this house and land, I saw this and knew I had found our homestead:

At our former city house, clotheslines were against HOA regulations.  What – city people don’t do laundry?

We had some gorgeous weather this week, and my sweet baby has clean clothes – scented with the all natural “fresh air” scent.  No dryer sheets needed!

There is something very satisfying about standing in the sunshine, feeling the breeze, and carefully pinning up my baby’s clothes to dry.  It wasn’t a chore, but a pleasure.  No cramped, dirty laundry room.  No lint to clean.  Just a lot of fresh air.  And birds chirping, cows mooing, and even a donkey braying off in the distance.

Loving laundry.  Who would’ve thought?

Curious Cows

Call me crazy, but I like the cows.  The “natives” (my word for folks born and raised here) are not impressed with the cows or the cow pastures.  I am.  I have one on every side of my house.

Don’t try to tell me this isn’t scenic.  Instead of someone else’s back deck, I see rolling hills, old barns, and cows out my kitchen window.

I like how whenever I take a walk around the “back 40” the cows have to stare.

Maybe I don’t like it so much when the bull stares at me. I am still a city girl, you know.